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Our history

Over 20 years of corporate development have turned a small Swiss notebook assembler into what is nowadays the Littlebit Group.


Establishment of the company / start of the distribution business

2000 — Littlebit Technology is established in Switzerland as an OEM for notebooks.

2002 — Littlebit takes over the distribution business of wholesaler Karma Distribution.

2005 — Littlebit launches PCs, servers and external hard drives under its own label.
Littlebit becomes the official Swiss distributor for Western Digital.

2006 — ASUS appoints Littlebit as the official distributor for Switzerland
Littlebit achieves a Swiss market share of over 50% with hard drives for the first time ever.


Expansion of logistics operations / international expansion

2007 — Littlebit’s logistics facilities in Switzerland expand to 3,000 m2.

2009 — Littlebit opens a sales office in Austria (the first step in its international expansion).

2011 — MEMQ – a German company – is taken over and renamed Littlebit Technology Deutschland GmbH.

2012 — Littlebit opens a central warehouse in Germany.


Acquisition of ActionIT / launch of Joule Performance

2015 — Littlebit launches its business operations in Belgium.

2016 — Littlebit launches high-end gaming PCs under the Joule Performance brand.

2017 — Littlebit launches its business operations in the Netherlands.
In Germany, the Littlebit Group takes over the company ActionIT.

2018 — ActionIT’s business operations are integrated into Littlebit Technology Deutschland GmbH.


Focus on video conferencing / change of CEO

2019 — Littlebit is building up its particular focus on video conferencing throughout the Group.

2021 — The Littlebit Group’s central warehouse moves to larger premises.
Littlebit introduces a new e-commerce solution for the entire Group.

2022 — Stefan Ebnöther officially takes over management of the Littlebit Technology Group in the role of CEO.

2023 — Littlebit expands its distribution portfolio to include the brands CHERRY, Trust and Playseat.


It-Business Gold
WD Award
Devolo Partneraward
Devolo disti of the year
Seasonic Excellence Award
Samsung best Performance