Wholesale is more than the logistical distribution of goods

We connect manufacturers with retailers

We see ourselves as a bridge between manufacturers and local retailers. Retailers, e-tailers, integrators and value-added resellers make up our client base. We know what they need and rely on two key elements:

1. We place importance on personal contact

Despite technology, the best business transactions occur through dialogue. Our sales teams know their customers personally and know their individual requirements. This enables us to act in the interests of our clients and offer corresponding services.

2. We automate repetitive tasks

Continuous trading involves a lot of system technology and administrative services. We automate repetitive processes based on the needs of our customers. By doing so, we lighten the load of their human resources as well as of our own sales team and, at the same time, this speeds up processes.


Littlebit Technology Group

The Littlebit Technology Group is a wholesaler of IT components, peripheral devices and consumer products, acting as a bridge between manufacturers and local retailers.

Head Office

Littlebit Technology AG | Bösch 83 | 6331 Hünenberg Switzerland

+41 41 785 11 11