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Product Marketing / Purchasing

Our product marketing / purchasing team know the local market and shape our portfolio accordingly. The PMs plan sales and marketing measures. They take care of purchasing and provide our sales team with all the necessary information.


The close contact with our customers shapes our sales crew’s day-to-day work. Our customers are resellers and our sales team plans strategic long-term business ventures with them.

Marketing Communications

The information for our customers and external media are prepared in our MarCom department and are publicised via various channels. Together with Product Marketing, marketing measures are planned and implemented.


Our logistics specialists see to the never-ending movement of goods, so that every customer receives their ordered items in the correct quantity and in the shortest possible time..

Technology / RMA

Our technology team is responsible for numerous services. They evaluate and develop solutions, provide support to our customers and handle the warranty service


Our accounting team ensures accurate bookkeeping and pays our invoices on time. When necessary, they send friendly payment reminders to our clients.

Human Resources

Whenever we need reinforcement, our HR team becomes active and recruits new colleagues, who fit into the company.

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Littlebit Technology Group

The Littlebit Technology Group is a wholesaler of IT components, peripheral devices and consumer products, acting as a bridge between manufacturers and local retailers.

Head Office

Littlebit Technology AG | Bösch 83 | 6331 Hünenberg Switzerland

+41 41 785 11 11